Lovecraft Country

A captivating combo of racial history and cosmic horror, Lovecraft Country struggles to deliver lore effectively, but succeeds as an intense family drama.

Tell Me Why

Making strides for Trans representation in gaming, Tell Me Why is another great blend of social and supernatural from the makers of Life is Strange.

Ghost of Tsushima

With exceptional combat, a compelling story and a gorgeously vivid art style, Ghost of Tsushima is pretty much the ultimate samurai fantasy.

The Last of Us Part II

Proving that lightning can indeed strike twice, The Last of Us Part II is a thrilling, breathtaking sequel, and one of the crowning jewels of the generation.

2010s Apaddlemy Awards

As one decade draws to a close and another begins, we take a look back at all the best films, TV series’ and video games that the 2010s blessed us with.

2020 Apaddlemy Awards

Another year, another round of prestigious awards to dish out. Read on to see the very best in film, TV and video games that 2019 had to offer!

Watchmen Season 1

Building on a beloved classic, WATCHMEN SEASON 1 is a masterpiece of character and storytelling, and a must-see follow up to the original graphic novel.

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