So with this post, Up The Geek is officially live, and you can witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station blog!

It turns out that making one of these things is way more work than I thought it would be. You don’t just open a page somewhere in the depths of the internet and get on with penning your genius inspirational musings. No chance.¬†

Designing the page is of course something that is worth spending a good deal of time on; the look of the blog is key to attracting and retaining readers (nobody is going to stick with a blog that uses blue font on a lime green background). The thing I hadn’t thought of that I actually ended up taking ages to figure out, was the name of the blog. I wanted to pick something that indicated the type of content that I would be including, but I was also quite eager for it to have a funny (or punny) aspect to it. Here are some of the names I considered before landing on Up The Geek:¬†

  • Media? I Just Met Her!
  • Room With A Review
  • Let Me Bentertain You
  • The Absurd Nerd
  • Geek Salad Dressing
  • The Daily Telegraph (Would you believe, this one was actually taken)

While all of those showed potential and made me laugh, none of them went very far beyond just a name, and I was looking for something that could work with the material to create a brand of sorts. Eventually I settled on Up The Geek based off of the expression “Up the creek without a paddle”.

This name stood above the others because I saw potential for other facets of the site: I liked the idea of the huge amount of media that is available to consumers these days being akin to a very fast moving river that nobody would ever be able to swim against. “Drowning in Nerd Culture” became a slogan that handily summed up the meaning behind the site’s theme, and from there it was only logical to swap out a star rating, and instead assign paddles to indicate merit.

So that’s the short history of Up The Geek. Someday it’ll probably be etched in the base of a pyramid somewhere, but for now this blog entry will do the trick. Keep an eye out for more musing littered between reviews over the coming months, and be sure you don’t miss the hot off the presses review of The Last Guardian.


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